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Black Girls Link


Black Girls Link (BGL) is a Black women-led network and lifestyle brand that empowers Black women professionally and socially through sisterhood and activism. We aim to guide, mentor, and link Black professional women and aspiring Black professional women with one another so they can be set up for success in any profession.​

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Nkasi Akpaka, Esq.

I worked in a professional environment where I was the only one in the room that looked like me. The lack of diversity was apparent. I was used and treated as a token. I was denied opportunities and treated differently because of the color of my skin. I felt alone. I know I’m not the only Black professional woman that has felt this way at her place of employment. However, I found comfort and solace in my circle of Black professional women, including my peers and seasoned professionals. They empowered me to succeed professionally despite the racism and microaggressions I encountered. This experience inspired me to create a network of Black professional women so we can continue to hold each other down in the face of adversity and celebrate each other during our triumphs. I’m invested in this vision. I’m invested in YOU. Join us and let’s link up!

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2021 Majority Leader


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About Black Girls Link

About Black Girls Link

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“I wouldn’t be here without all the Black women around me. Put us together and we can do anything.”
- Misty Copeland
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